This blog has moved… To my New Website!

This will officially be my last post here at this blog.

Good times were had here but better times will be had at my new blog and website at !

I’ll see you there!

New Online Store


Hello to all you glum-grimey, beautiful-brained, funky-pretty humans.

Im excited to announce my new web shop in conjunction with Artsprojekt! Just in time for your Holiday needs!

I have some fun items in here, im really psyched about the large posters and the shoes though. I definitely will be making more – I keep you posted.

And Ive gotta say, Im really diggin’ the flexibility and professionalism of the Artsprojekt way and im not the only one! Im in good company with others that have shops with Artsprojekt such as, Jeremyville, Cupco, Dalek, and Shepard Fairey to name a few!

Go check out my shop HERE or via my shiny new sidebar link.

Your Holiday clock is tickiiiiinnng! And yes, those are Christmas tree ornaments you are seeing!


ps- I will be keeping my Etsy shop for all original and handmade items… More on that later :)


Muscle Up


I have been invited by the wonderful Jeremyville to be part of a new art book called Muscle Up!



Muscle Up is a collection of some of the most exciting, dynamic, and engaged art by 30 of the most daring visual male artists in the world. They’re artists who thumb their nose at convention, and – no matter how established their ‘careers’, or how internationally renowned their work – they are artists who refuse to grow up. Defiant and rebel-rousing, these creators playfully cross boundaries between graphic design, fine art, graffiti, film, product design, fashion, fiction, and heaps more.

Full artist listing:
Jeremyville / Jaime Hayon / Dalek / Jeff Soto / Anthony Lister / Dave Kinsey / Adam Wallacavage / Andrew Jeffrey Wright / Andy Mueller / Ben Frost / Bill McMullen / Buffmonster / Dave Bonney / Devilrobots / Doze Green / Ellis Gallagher / Eric White / Gary Baseman / Haroshi / Jim Houser / Jonathan Zawada / Kid Zoom / Kill Pixie / Kimou Meyer / Michael de Feo / Mike Mills / Mike Perry / Numskull / Oliver Hibert / Rinzen / Ryan McGinness / Shag / ShoboShobo


The launch takes place at Sydney’s Lo-Fi Collective, Floor 3, 383 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, Australia, on Thursday, 9 December, 2010 at 7pm.

See the event’s Facebook page for more details.


Ta for now!



Mug of the Month

November’s Mug of the Month – in celebration of the Mushroom show at the Grass Hut…



A dainty, but nice little black and white, Mod Shroom mug.. We have a set of these.

Thought I might take the chance to post a rare photo of me with actual sunlight pouring in from my window. Two things you’ll rarely see at the same time.

Im not a vampire 100% of the time…

Mushroom wall at the Hut…

UPDATE – Here’s some video of the show/art as well-

Here and  Here

Mind melting stuff in there…

Mushroom Magic at Grass Hut – Tonight!

Well, the day has arrived and its time to post my paintings for this mush-tacular group show at Bwana Spoons’ wonderful Grass Hut!

I wish I could make it up to Portland for the show, soak up some cool rainy moisture (it was 91 degrees here in AZ yesterday) and hang out with fantastic down to earth humans… Next time.

Had a lot of fun painting for this show… Those oval paintings on the left are the smallest paintings i’ve ever produced at just 2.5″ x 3.5″ –

All work is available for purchase here.


And just to recap all of the awesome artists taking part in the show – arbito, snaggs, oliver hibert, spencer hibert, apak, muju, bwana spoons, pinky, lonny pop, and fawn gehweiler all taking on the fantastical world of mushrooms. Good Stuff.




A little peek at some concepts/drawings of my paintings for the upcoming mushroom show at the Grass Hut.

I’ll post the paintings in the next day or so… Probably the day of the show- Nov. 4th.






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